Discover the Ile aux Moines, the "Pearl of the Gulf"

Discover the Ile aux Moines, the "Pearl of the Gulf"

In the shape of a cross, Île aux Moines, or "Izenah" in Breton, is the largest island in the Gulf of Morbihan. It is above all a paradise for walkers. In order to prepare your stay at Lodge Kerisper as soon as it reopens on March 12 or to offer a "tailor-made" gift voucher to your loved ones, the Lodge team will show you this island, aptly named the "Pearl of the Gulf".


A Garden of Eden 5 minutes from the mainland!

Between old town, old stones and wooded areas, megaliths, isolated coves and beaches, the island has something to please everyone! Visiting Ile-aux-Moines is possible all year round.

Leaving from Larmor Baden, in Port Blanc, the crossing lasts only 5 minutes. A departure takes place every 30 minutes.

Departing from Locmaraquier, the Angelus speedboat will take you there. Water sports aficionados can also choose to rent a boat from our partner, Nautic Sport




On arrival, many people, to travel its 7 km length, rent a bicycle when exiting the boat. Several trails run up and down the island, and connect the megalithic sites of the island: the enclosure of Crom'lech and the dolmens of Kerno and Penhap.

A stone's throw from the pier, the Drehen beach seduces with its painted wooden cabins and its breathtaking view of the Gulf. By pushing a little further, it is possible to discover smaller and quieter coves, including the beaches of Gored and Rudel. As a bonus, the coastal path offers a remarkable view overlooking the sea. .

The 23 kilometers of trails that run through the island allow you to go around it and discover, starting from the village or Port-Miquel, its many natural resources: moors and meadows overlooking the sea; wood of oaks, umbrella pines and cypresses; alleys flowered with camellias, mimosas ...

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