The salt marshes of Kervillen, a protected natural area near the Kerisper Lodge

The salt marshes of Kervillen, a protected natural area near the Kerisper Lodge

When the weather is nice, it's near the Kerisper lodge, along the coastal path, where you can explore the salt marshes of Kervillen. In addition to the exploitation of salt, these salt marshes are a preserved natural site that welcome stilt walkers, ducks, terns or water hens that can nest on the many islets created by the salt activity.

During this walk, it is not uncommon to meet Damien Phélip, the only paludier of Morbihan and his two sheep!

Rehabilitated in 2012, this sensitive natural site belongs to the departmental council of Morbihan since 1984 which assigned the management to Damien Phélip. The aim of the rehabilitation of the salt marshes of Kervillen is to promote artisanal know-how.

From the month of June and throughout the summer, the Tourist Office of La Trinité sur Mer organizes walks in the salt marshes of Kervillen





To discover the marsh of Kervillen, click on the link (document produced by the departmental council of Morbihan).



Fleur de sel, coarse salt, coarse salt plancha, fleur de sel from the bears, oriental salt flower ... With a harvest of 20 tons of coarse salt and 1.2 tons of fleur de sel, the products are available in various sales outlets in La Trinité sur mer:

  • On the market every Friday from April to mid-September, direct sale by the harvesting harvester
  • L'Epicerie du Port, open all year
  • La Cabane Bio (bulk salt in bulk and in the beautiful season of the fresh salicorn), open all year
  • La saline de La Trinité sur mer